Downstream Dave?

We had about an inch and a half of rain last night here in northwest Arkansas. After breakfast I walked down to the south end of our property to visit our natural neighbor, Scull Creek and its enchanting waterfall. I sometimes talk to streams, trees, critters and other fellow earthlings. I don’t know if they hear or understand me in any way, but I enjoy it, and they speak to me in their own ways.  

I’ve had an idea for years that it might be an illuminating adventure to travel down the creek all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and then back up the Vermilion River/Bayou to my birthplace of Lafayette Louisiana. I muse about how rivers, rain, streams, oceans, and all forms of water  connect  the world. Somehow that lets me feel more at home.  I’m thinking about  actually testing the water, so to speak, and find out a bit more about how feasible it would be to conduct such a journey.  I’m thinking I could do some test runs on different stretches of the water between here and the Arkansas River, and then perhaps on the Arkansas River to get a feel for it.  

I’ll keep you posted if this flows anywhere. If you have ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. about this, please let me know. 

2 thoughts on “Downstream Dave?

  1. Dave Fournet Post author

    Holaloha Brad. I miss visiting with you. I’m seeing 2023 as a time to renew that. I see your email in my IN box and am eager to read it. I’m gradually whittling down a massive backlog that accumulated during our home construction process, allowing me to slowly ease back into things like posting in the blog, connecting with friends, and other nourishing activities.


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