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Planting Maples at the 4H

In the afternoon shade on a delightful autumn day, we three Fournets conspired to finally plant a couple of volunteer maple trees we’d been watering in pots for a while. Andrea had transplanted them into pots to save them from the deer and the weed whacker, or somesuch. She knows that origin story better than I. In any case, we’ve had good luck with trees that got started on their own, , and then moving them to pots for a while, and eventually to their very own place in the sun. We planted a Montezuma cypress we’d gotten from cousin Stephen Fournet during Adele’s last visit. Good fun, and satisfying to watch them grow as the earth turns, and as we slowly get shorter over the years. We call our place the 4H: Heartland Hospitality Haven and Home. Hope to show you around some day.